Value-Based Consulting

We take a different approach to the way consultancy services are typically delivered. Our Values Based Consulting Services assures clients that our focus is purely on successful outcomes for the client and not on time-based fees, which tend to benefit the consultant. We take our partnership and commitment to you seriously, so this is why our consulting fees are values-based. This means that we succeed, only if you succeed.


Here’s how it works.

T H E    V A L U E -  B A S E D   C O N S U L T I N G   M E T H O D 

We meet with you to discuss where your challenges and needs lie. We ‘dig deep’ to make sure no stone is left unturned. We listen to each other and build an environment of trust so that we can achieve commitment and accountability to the task in hand. By doing this we can begin to focus on results.

Once your needs are identified we will agree upon the objectives (outcomes), the measures of success and the expected value (ROI on the investment). From here MCG will present you with a proposal of services. Once agreement is reached, great things will begin to happen.



  • Engagement and Accountability: Key Drivers to Success Workshop​

  • Highly Engaged and Functional Teams Workshop

  • Inspiring Leaders Workshop: Make Extraordinary Things Happen

  • Inter Cultural Competence and Global Mobility Workshop

  • Train the Trainer- Reduce the Yawns and Engage Your Learners!

  • Motivation 101: Tapping into Your Team’s Potential.



Inspiring Leaders Programme

​This program has changed people’s lives. This is a 12-module program that offers the world’s best research- based tools and activities to become an inspirational leader. The program begins with a theoretical leadership framework and culminates in an Inspiring Leaders Project. This means you will get to put the theory into current, real world practice as you work through a project in your own workplace.


This is not for the faint hearted, but we believe this is the best leadership training course in the world!

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: MCG Certification

This certification programme is for those cutting-edge companies leading the way in understanding the huge benefits to culturally intelligent workplaces. The MCG Certification guarantees to your employees, clients and all stakeholders that you are a future-orientated, innovative company. Think of MCG Certification as the ‘ISO’ for cross-cultural benchmarks and standards.  

Trusted Advisor Service


The Trusted Advisor Service allows clients to have unrestricted access to Steve Morris as a sounding board, trusted advisor and as an objective source at any time within the parameters of what is agreed upon. The advantage to this is that you can contact Steve whenever a situation occurs, or whenever there is a problem to solve that can be worked through together. We understand that in business, situations can arise at any given moment, often unexpectantly, so clients can have access to our expertise and advice when needed. 

General Outline for Trusted Advisor Services

Numbers: Up to three people from your organisation can have access to Steve’s services. It is preferred that at least one person is the company Director/ CEO or a signatory to the Trusted Advisor contract.

Scope: Steve is available Mon- Saturday 8:00- 5:00 New Zealand time. 

The time can be used for coaching calls, personal meetings, or for any other purpose as agreed upon. It is only used for purposes of advice however, and does not include project creation, implementation or oversight.

Calls can be made by phone, email, skype (or any other electronic media as requested). 

You will not need to make an appointment, and you will receive a rapid response.

Duration: This will be agreed upon on an individual basis, but the minimum contract period is 90 days. 


executive coaching services

We provide clients with executive or group coaching services. We use a confidential, results focused, pragmatic approach to coaching. Because clients’ coaching needs vary so we bespoke coaching packages to your requirements. 


Our Services

- Engagement and Employee Retention Planning

- Team Development & Training

- Leadership Training, Development & Evaluation

- Change Management Consulting

-Training Analysis, Development and Assessment

- Executive Coaching

- Inter-Cultural Competency Training

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (NZT)

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