T H E  H U M A N   P O T E N T I A L  E X P E R T S 

Why We Exist

Morris Consulting Group’s goal is to add as much value to your company as humanly possible, by enhancing the productivity and quality of the people within it. This in turn leads to higher profitability and increased levels of customer satisfaction. This is our passion.

We add value by partnering with companies to reduce the costs associated with undesired staff attrition rates.  We do this by working alongside people to improve workplace performance and productivity. We stop the leak, so you can focus on sailing the ship. 

Why We Are Different

We want to break the mould by challenging clients to seriously self-reflect on how people in their organisations are motivated, held accountable and kept engaged. The world is changing, and companies need to change with it if they are to retain great employees. There’s a reason why 87% of the world’s workforce is disengaged and checked out. Our job is to find out why, so together we can turn this terrifying statistic on its head. We strive to do this so human potential is maximised to create engaged and profitable work environments. 

Our services are based on one simple equation:

Exceptional Ability x Increased Motivation x Positive Work Environment =

Outstanding Performance and Productivity™

How We Do It

We believe we are in the relationship building business. It is therefore important to build a strong element of trust with clients. A lack of trust results in barriers to progress. Honesty and trust is our mantra.

We will hold frank and open discussions about where your needs and problems lie, and how they can be solved. Once your needs are identified we will agree upon the objectives (outcomes), measures of success and the expected value (ROI on the investment). Our consulting fees are values-based. We succeed, when you succeed.

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Our Services

- Engagement and Employee Retention Planning

- Team Development & Training

- Leadership Training, Development & Evaluation

- Change Management Consulting

-Training Analysis, Development and Assessment

- Executive Coaching

- Inter-Cultural Competency Training

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (NZT)

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